Industrial Uses

Industrial Uses

Building New Demand with New Uses

From soy-based carpet backing to walls and ceilings filled with soy-based insulation, new uses for soy materialize all around us. Both the MSMC and the United Soybean Board help fund the development of new soy-based products to help increase the demand for U.S. soy. Checkoff funded research focuses primarily on building soy new uses in adhesives, coatings, printing inks, lubricants, plastics, fibers and solvents.

Thanks to checkoff investments, new soy-based products reach the marketplace each year. The soy checkoff has helped bring hundreds of soy-based products to the market, ranging from cleaning supplies to carpet backing to energy-efficient roofing materials. This has helped grow U.S. soybean oil demand for non-biodiesel, industrial uses by 85 percent in the last decade

Soybean oil is commonly used by industrial manufacturers in products like paint, plasticizers and soy foam for the automotive, bedding and office furniture industries. Soybean meal is also used in adhesives and paper coatings. Ford Motor Company first introduced soy-based seat cushions in the 2008 Mustang and soy-based foam is now used in nearly every Ford vehicle.  More than 50 million PureBond™ wood panels, made with soy-based adhesives, are in homes, farms and businesses…and in your local home improvement stores. Manufacturers continue to Think Soy as a replacement for petrochemicals and carcinogens in products. As a result, industrial uses (excluding biodiesel) makes up almost 7 percent of the demand for U.S. soybean oil.

Each year, the United Soybean Board gathers and publishes information on commercially available industrial soy products and ingredients for businesses and consumers. The Soy Products Guide is for informational purposes and includes products that include soy in some form, regardless of whether soy is the primary ingredient. The products are organized into categories, from furniture and cleaning products to flooring, lubricants and foods. Manufacturer information is also included for individuals and companies looking to follow up on specific soy products. The guide is available online at


Product Research

The MSMC, along with partners such as the University of Missouri-Columbia, boast one of the top production research programs in the country. See how the MSMC and USB are working to boost your yields.

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Soy Products Guide

Soy offers manufacturers a greener, cleaner and safer way to make everything from candles and couches to fuels and paints. This interactive guide will give you a closer look at the soy-based products available today.

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