Missouri Soybean Association Endorsement – “Vote Yes” on Amendment 4

With Election Day one week away, Missouri’s soybean farmers have voted to endorse on Amendment 4, supporting an amendment to the Missouri Constitution to prohibit extending sales tax to previously untaxed services.

“Amendment 4 puts a stop to the potential for open-ended new taxes directly affecting agriculture,” said Matt McCrate, Missouri Soybean Association president and a soybean farmer from Cape Girardeau County. “Farmers continue to face rising input costs and an ever-increasing regulatory burden without parallel increases in commodity prices. Adding to farmers’ costs with new taxes is not the way to grow our state’s number one industry – agriculture.”

Key to the Missouri Soybean Association board of directors’ decision was the potential for new taxes on agricultural services to drive up farmers’ cost of doing business in Missouri. Common agricultural work, from custom spraying and grading to harvesting and appraisals, could be subject to new taxes without the protections offered in Amendment 4.

The Missouri Soybean Association has been soybean growers’ voice on policy for more than 50 years. To learn more about how the Missouri Soybean Association works on behalf of Missouri soybean farmers, visit mosoy.org.