2014 Yield Contest Results

2014 Yield Contest Results

Southern Missouri Farmers Take Top Spots in Annual Event

Some Missouri farmers more than doubled the state’s top average soybean yield with their entries into the annual statewide yield contest. Results from the Missouri Soybean Association’s annual competition are in, with farmers from Cape Girardeau and Scott counties taking the top honors with soybean yields above 90 bushels per acre.

“Missouri soybean farmers continue to raise the bar with their harvests, and I am proud to see their dedication and outstanding skills recognized as they work to feed the world while being ever-more efficient and effective with our land and water resources,” said Tom Raffety, a southeast Missouri farmer and president of the Missouri Soybean Association. “Congratulations to all participants in this year’s yield contest, as well as to all our farmers who enjoyed a safe and bountiful harvest this year.”

The top three entries in each category: conventional, no-till and irrigated are listed below, along with the seed variety used to reach their top-tier yield. In addition to recognition for the yield competition, these top Missouri soybean growers are eligible for prizes from their seed companies as a result of their outstanding harvests.


  Entry Community County Seed Yield (bu/ac)
1st Glenda Hinkebein Chaffee Cape Girardeau Asgrow 4533 91.779
2nd Carl Landewee Chaffee Cape Girardeau Asgrow 4831 88.754
3rd Nathan Riegel Washington Warren Pioneer 94Y22 85.388



  Entry Community County Seed Yield (bu/ac)
1st John Engram Sikeston Scott Pioneer 47T36 99.007
2nd Curtis Warren Lockwood Jasper Pioneer 93M11 86.660
3rd Hinkebein Farms Chaffee Cape Girardeau Pioneer 47T89 82.655



  Entry Community County Seed Yield (bu/ac)
1st Charles Hinkebein Chaffee Cape Girardeau Asgrow 4934 92.509
2nd Hinkebein Farms Chaffee Cape Girardeau Asgrow 5432 90.374
3rd Paul Tracy Denver Worth Pioneer 28T33 88.501


For a PDF of the top 30 entries, please click here: 2014 Top 30.

This year’s contest had 226 entries – a continued increase in participation in the annual competition.

Last year, Missouri’s statewide average soybean harvest was between 35 and 40 bushels per acre according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service. Missouri’s record statewide average is 45 bushels per acre, and was set in 2004.

Participants in the Missouri Soybean Yield Contest were required to enter their fields into the competition prior to harvest. The 2014 deadline was August 29. At harvest, participants were required to have a designated judge verify their yield results for the competition and submit those results no later than November 7. The top entries in each category were further verified by Missouri Soybean Association staff.

Results of Missouri’s 2014 Soybean Quality Contest will be announced in early 2015. Details for the 2015 Missouri Soybean Yield Contest will be posted online at mosoy.org and announced in Missouri Soybean Farmer magazine during the summer of 2015.

For more information about the yield contest, review the official rules and reporting form.