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Lehenbauer Farms Inc.

Mark Lehenbauer

Hometown: Palmyra, Missouri
Farming Since: 2000

Mark is a fourth-generation farmer on his family operation in Palmyra, Missouri. Alongside his wife, Amy, as well as his father and brother, Mark spends most of his time working on their corn, soybean, wheat and cow/calf operation. Mark and Amy have four children. 

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Mark Lehenbauer

Farmer Q&A

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up on a family farm in northeast Missouri. From my earliest memories, I knew I wanted to farm. I went to the University of Missouri-Columbia and then returned home to farm full time. I am married to my wife, Amy, and we have four children, Kye, Tyne, Emery and Croy.

Tell us a little about your farm.

I farm in the Hannibal, Missouri,  area with my wife, kids, parents and brother. We run a corn, soybean, wheat, forage and cow/calf to finish beef operation.

I always feel that we can do better. That we should leave what we are blessed to do better for the next generation. This has led me to many opportunities to be involved on agricultural and panels to help shape the future.”

Should tractors be red or green?

We run all colors. For us, it comes down to reliability and cost of operation. With that being said, we have more nature green Fendt tractors on the farm than anything else.

Tell us about your favorite memory on the farm.

I remember feeding with my dad and grandfather growing up. If I listened closely, they often shared small snippets of wisdom. Today, I enjoy making new memories with my kids,  seeing them connect the dots on how agriculture works, from seeing a crop grow or raising an animal from birth. It’s fun seeing things through their eyes.

Who is your favorite farm influencer?

I like listening and learning from others who have completely different beliefs, experiences and perspectives to help me understand the why. I tend to focus on learning a particular subject and then finding influencers on that topic to educate myself.

What are you listening to while working?

It depends on my mood. In between phone calls and messages, I need silence to collect my thoughts orchestrate our next actions most efficiently. When it comes to music, I rotate between grunge, pop and country.

Ag is constantly evolving, and you you have to be nimble to adapt to change. Don’t be afraid to be different but learn from your elders. Just like we have had to deal with problems that were never thought about by our forefathers, the next generation will face the same.

Who is your biggest influence?

My grandfather.

How do you take your coffee?

No coffee. Mountain Dew keeps me going.

What is your favorite planting or harvest snack?

Snyder Pretzel Pieces