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Fordyce Farms

Renee Fordyce

Hometown: Bethany, MO
Farming Since: 1989

Renee Fordyce would describe herself as a city girl… until she married her husband Richard in 1989. Now she serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Fordyce Farms; doing all the banking, marketing, payroll and tax preparation for their operation. On their farm, Renee and Richard grow corn, soybeans and have a cow/calf operation as well.

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Renee Fordyce

Farmer Q&A

Tell us a little about yourself.

I did not grow up on a farm, but agriculture surrounded me daily. I was active in the Hazel Dell 4-H Club, and thanks to my wonderful mom, I still have my ribbons and project books.

I guess you could say I wear many hats. In addition to my roles on the farm,  I serve as a member of the Harrison County Community Hospital and the Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri, nurse and most importantly mother of Emma and Ethan.

Tell us a little about your farm.

We grow corn, soybeans and have a cow/calf operation. We believe in cover crops and no-till with a focus on improving soil health.

Tell us about your involvement in agriculture.

I serve as vice-president of the Missouri Soybean Association. I have served on the Harrison County Community Hospital District Board since 1997, previously as board secretary and now as District 4 board member. I have also completed the AgriSafe Nurse Scholar Program, which focuses on ag-related health issues, diagnoses and treatment.

When Ethan and Emma were younger, I took them and our dog, Riley, to a creek in the pasture for an “adventure.” It was adorable to watch Riley protect his kids and the kids learn about nature.”

Should tractors be red or green?

My husband and son believe green is best, however, we do use a few red implements.

What is your favorite planting or harvest snack?

I inherited the title of “lunch lady” after my mother-in-law retired. She set the bar high, with a hot meal and a fresh pie. My guys learned quickly the hot meal was fine, but I did not bake– cookies would have to do!

How do you take your coffee?

Sugar free French vanilla creamer please! I’m such an addict I bring it with me when I travel.

What are you listening to while working?

I work as a nurse at a hospital down the road, and I listen to Christian music on my way there, which helps start my 12-hour workday on the right foot.

Who is your biggest influence?

Faith, family and farming. Jesus first and family second; everything else falls into place when my priorities are right.

Join FFA! This organization will be a huge stepping stone in the right direction for whatever you want to pursue.  FFA will expose you to all things from production ag to ag communications. Whatever you are passionate about, you’ll find it in FFA.”

Who is your favorite farm influencer?

My favorite ag influencer is my husband, of course! There isn’t an individual on this earth that is more passionate or more engaged on ag issues than him. I also love CommonGround and Uptown Farms, among others. I’m always impressed with those who can speak to the consumer in a way that educates and endears the reader to farm life.