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Farming practices that protect resources for the future

Farmers focus on sustainable farming practices such as conservation tillage, cover crops, precision agriculture and more. This helps to protect and even restore the land for future generations.

Sustainability is good for farming

Producers use many best practices to improve sustainability on their farms. This includes practices that protect water, encourage biodiversity, enhance the soil and provide protection from pests, weeds and diseases.

close up of soil with plants in the distance

Cover crops

Between soybean growing seasons, producers can plant cover crops such as wheat or rye to further protect soil from heavy rainfall and erosion. Cover crops also reduce weed pressure by competing with weeds for resources such as sunlight, water, nutrients and space. Cover crops may be harvested, but more often, they are incorporated into the soil to increase organic matter levels.

combine in a field

End users want sustainable ingredients

Today consumers are demanding sustainable products more than ever before. Sustainably produced soybeans are helping producers and manufacturers meet sustainability goals.