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From seed selection to harvest

In Missouri, the soybean growing season stretches from April to November.

Timing is key

When it comes to growing a high-quality soybean crop, planting and harvesting at the right time is important.

farm equipment in field


Depending on the location within Missouri, seed variety and weather, Missouri farmers usually plant soybeans somewhere between late April and early July. Producers consider many different factors when planting, including the depth at which the seed is planted, the width between rows and the number of seeds planted per acre.


During the growth stage, farmers scout their fields regularly looking for potential pests, weed issues and diseases. Adequate water is important during the later stages of the growing season so soybeans can reach their greatest yield potential.


Soybean harvest usually occurs from September through November. During this time, the fields turn from green to brown. Farmers analyze moisture of the soybeans to determine if they are ready to be harvested.

Growing a healthy plant

Each part of a healthy, productive soybean plant has a role to play in growing high-quality soybeans.


The soybean seed is planted in the ground and emerges from the soil in the form of cotyledon leaves.


The stem provides support for the growth of the plant and transports nutrients from the roots to the leaves.


Soybean plants have one set of cotyledons, which are the first set of leaves to emerge from the seed. In addition, soybean plants have one set of unifoliate leaves. These leaves are two single leaves found near the bottom of the stem. Soybean plants then have additional sets of trifoliate leaves – the three-leaf formations found throughout the rest of the plant.