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An Assist for Asphalt

A truck applying RePlay is an agricultural oil seal and preservation agent to the asphalt in front of the Center for Soy Innovation Building
By Jason Jenkins, Mill Creek Communications
Soy-based solution extends the life of new and existing asphalt surfaces. 

As Chris Wilson finished sealing the parking lots at the Center for Soy Innovation in Jefferson City, a surprisingly pleasant scent hung in the air. It’s an aroma that always draws positive feedback, says the president of Advanced Pavement Solutions of Tiskilwa, Illinois. 

“People just love how RePlay smells,” says Wilson, who is a distributor for BioSpan Technologies Inc., the makers of the agricultural oil seal and preservation agent. “When we’re working in a parking lot, they always comment how much better it smells than the oil-based sealers.” 

An appealing odor is just one advantage of RePlay, which was introduced into the U.S. market in2003 as an environmentally friendly alternative to topical sealants and rejuvenators made from petroleum. Manufactured in Washington, Missouri, the product — which is 56% soybean oil and88% bio-based overall — extends the life of asphalt-paved surfaces, protecting the paving investment while also protecting the environment. 

According to the National Asphalt Pavement Association, more than 94% of the roughly2.8 million miles of paved roads in the United States are surfaced with asphalt. The material also covers more than 90% of parking areas and 85% to 90% of all commercial airport runways. 

Asphalt appeals for many reasons. It’s less expensive than concrete, and it doesn’t require curing time or extensive site preparation. Traffic can return to an asphalt surface as soon as rollers finish compacting it. However, asphalt will deteriorate over time if not properly maintained, Wilson says. 

“As the asphalt is exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, an oxidation process starts to breakdown that surface,” he explains. “Exposure to air and water, as well as cycles of freezing and thawing, also contribute to premature deterioration.” 

When applied every three to five years, RePlay reverses the oxidation process. Unlike other sealants that simply cover the surface, the soy-based solution penetrates the asphalt up to 1.5 inches deep, adding unique polymers that help strengthen the overall matrix. 

Wilson adds that RePlay has other benefits that distinguish it in the market. When applied, the solution is clear, which eliminates the need to restripe roads or parking lots, saving time and money. The solution cures in less than an hour, minimizing disruptions to travel or business. And because it permeates the asphalt and doesn’t set on top, RePlay maintains the surface’s skid resistance, an important safety consideration. 

RePlay’s use of soybean oil and other bio-based ingredients qualifies the product for federal procurement under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Bio-Preferred Program. In fact, every lane mile of asphalt roadway treated with RePlay uses roughly the amount of soybean oil from 100bushels of the legume. 

“State highway transportation departments, county public works officials and municipalities can extend their budgets for road maintenance and repair by applying RePlay,” says Matt Amick, Missouri Soybean director of biofuels and new uses.

“The Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council has partnered with BioSpan and the Missouri Department of Transportation on a pilot project, applying RePlay on a two-mile stretch of northbound U.S. Highway 63 in Boone County to evaluate this cost-effective alternative.” 

While RePlay is not a cure-all —replacement is sometimes the only solution for deteriorated asphalt surfaces — the product can significantly extend the life of asphalt when used as part of an ongoing preservation program. According to BioSpan, spending $1 to apply RePlay before deterioration begins can eliminate or postpone the need to spend 6 to10 times more on rehabilitation or reconstruction. 

“As an asphalt preservation agent, RePlay is really in a category of its own, “Wilson concludes. “It’s bio-based, made in the good ol’ USA from soybeans. We’re supporting local farmers and protecting the environment.” 

Watch a short video about RePlay agricultural oil seal and preservation agent at To learn more about BioSpan Technology’s line of bio-based products, visit 

A man applying RePlay is an agricultural oil seal and preservation agent to the asphalt in front of the Center for Soy Innovation Building

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