“The Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council began investing checkoff dollars into biodiesel research in 1991 and we were the first group to do so. Now biodiesel is produced around the country and is creating additional demand for soybean oil.” –David Lueck, Alma

Since 1991, the biodiesel industry has grown nationally through the research and promotion efforts of the soybean industry and its partners. In 1992, The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) was formed with the support of the soybean checkoff. Today, it serves the important role of coordinating the research and development of biodiesel in the United States.

“Biodiesel is a domestically produced, clean-burning, renewable substitute for petroleum diesel. Using biodiesel as a vehicle fuel increases energy security, improves public health and the environment, and provides safety benefits.” – U.S. Dept. of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center

Missouri is a national leader, ranking third in biodiesel production capacity and second in production. Seven Missouri biodiesel plants produce roughly 200 million gallons of the renewable fuel per year, with growth on the horizon as plants continue to expand pushing Missouri’s estimated annual capacity value upwards of 250 million gallons.

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The MSMC, along with partners such as the University of Missouri-Columbia, boast one of the top production research programs in the country. See how the MSMC and USB are working to boost your yields.

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