Missouri Soybean Farmers Joining Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters on Tournament Trail

Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters Tournament Trail has a new partner for the 2015 tournament season, the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. The new ‘Slick as Soy’ boat and anglers Steve Perotti and John Martens, both from northeastern Missouri, will participate in tournaments in the Show-Me State and across the U.S. on behalf of Missouri soybean farmers.

“Missouri soybean farmers continue to raise the bar, being ever-more efficient with our land and water resources and investing in the future, and this partnership is no different,” said David Lueck, Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council chairman and soybean farmer from Alma. “We’re excited about the partnership with Crappie Masters and the opportunity to connect those who love the outdoors with environmentally-friendly, soy-based products they can feel good about including in their next trip.”

Soy offers manufacturers a local, green option for making a broad range of products, including environmentally-friendly lubricants and oils for everything from engine components to fishing line. The ‘Slick as Soy’ partnership works to raise awareness of the broad range of those soy-based lubricants, from products already available on store shelves to those currently being developed through soybean farmer-funded research projects.

Demand for soybean oil for those and other similar products has grown 85 percent over the past decade. Research investments from soybean farmers and their checkoff saw 33 new soy-based products come to market in the last year, including five developed in Missouri.

Crappie Masters president Mike Vallentine said, “Crappie Masters is honored to partner with the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council and Missouri’s soybean farmers and their checkoff in helping promote the ‘Slick as Soy’ campaign. Being a grassroots organization, we feel it’s a natural fit to team up with these outstanding, hardworking people, Missouri’s soybean farmers, to highlight the ways their work affects us all.”

In addition to soy lubricants, the ‘Slick as Soy’ boat and anglers Perotti and Martens will showcase the power of soy-based biodiesel during their travels. The team’s tow vehicle is a diesel-fueled pickup, running on B-20 – a 20 percent biodiesel blend.

Missouri Soybean joins an elite group of partners on the Crappie Masters team, including Bass Pro Shops, Tracker Boats, Humminbird, Nitro Boats and Mercury Motors. Learn more about the tournament trail and see the full schedule online at http://www.crappiemasters.net.

The Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council is a statewide, farmer-led organization working to improve opportunities for Missouri soybean farmers through a combination of research, outreach, education and market development efforts through wise investments of growers’ contributions to the soybean checkoff. To learn more, visit the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council online at mosoy.org.