Missouri’s 2020 Soybean Yield Contest

By: Christine Tew

The Missouri Soybean Association’s yield contest is back for 2020
with one big change in response to grower feedback. In addition to previously dropping the entry fee and requirements for membership in the Missouri Soybean Association and for crop rotation on contest fields, the Association is switching to all cash prizes for 2020.

The annual competition recognizes those producers across the state who truly excel in soybean production based on their crop yields. Growers have until September 10 to complete their entry forms.

The tradition of great prizes is continuing, with expanded honors – including automatic recognition for growers with triple-digit yields.

The 2020 contest will again include regional competitions in addition to the statewide contest. Growers in each of the Association’s seven districts will be competing against one another on yields – giving farmers the opportunity to show their skills against other farmers growing in similar soils and under similar weather conditions.

All contest entries must use soybean varieties available in the marketplace for Missouri. No experimental line(s) are eligible for Missouri’s soybean yield contest.

Winners in the district-level contests will then go on to compete for statewide recognition and additional prizes. The prizes are made possible by the partnership of the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council, including the soybean checkoff, and industry.

The contest will continue to recognize winners in separate categories for irrigated and no-till growing methods. Entries must be from fields 10 acres or larger in size and located within the state of Missouri, and all participants must be at least 18 years of age. Each entry must be submitted on a separate entry form.

The overall winner of the irrigated contest will be selected from all entrants who used irrigation on their crop, regardless of tillage practice. The overall winner of the non-irrigated contest will be selected from among district winner(s) of the No-tillage and Tilled categories combined.

Prizes will be awarded during the Missouri Soybean Association’s district meetings and annual meeting in early 2021. Winners will also be recognized online and in Missouri Soybean Farmer magazine.

Entry forms, rules and prize details are available online at mosoy.org, or growers can request copies by calling the Missouri Soybean office at (573) 635-3819.

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