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Foundation for Soy Innovation Awards 2021 Scholarships

The Foundation for Soy Innovation continues to support the future of soybeans with the selection of Eduardo Beche of the University of Missouri and Anthony Ribolzi of Missouri State University for the 2021 Soy Innovation Scholarships.

(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.) – The Foundation for Soy Innovation continues to support the future of soybeans with the selection of Eduardo Beche of the University of Missouri and Anthony Ribolzi of Missouri State University for the 2021 Soy Innovation Scholarships. The scholarship will help fund the education and research conducted by these two individuals working to solve problems farmers are facing. The scholarship serves as an investment into the future of the soybean innovation and empowers those working to further the soybean industry.

“The future of soy has tremendous opportunity,” said Matt McCrate, chairman of the Foundation. “Through the Foundation for Soy Innovation, we’re working to support those who need to be at the table to raise the bar on the work farmers are doing. Through this scholarship we are investing in the next generation to discover new uses for soy and make Missouri a leader in soybean innovation.”

Beche is passionate about supporting the bottom line of farmers through soybean breeding and new varietal development. Beche works with Dr. Andrew Scaboo, assistant professor at the University of Missouri, on research surrounding yield and adaptability of soybean traits.

“I believe the greatest opportunity for soybean farmers is consumer based,” said Beche. “A key market for soybean farmers is investing in trait research to improve nutritional quality of meat alternatives and enhance options for soy-based proteins.”

Beche plans to use the $1,000 scholarship to attend the World Soybean Research Conference 11 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Ribolzi’s interests focus on the versatility and marketing of soybean-based products. He finds that the biggest advantage for soybean farmers is the variety of uses for soybeans in the marketplace.

“This scholarship will allow me to further my education within the agricultural industry,” said Ribolzi. “I will be applying this scholarship directly to my tuition while I finish my final semester at Missouri State University College of Agriculture. I believe there are many great opportunities for soy innovation in the coming future.”

The farmers behind the Foundation for Soy Innovation envision supporting early-career faculty and students in their work across the soy value chain through this scholarship program, established last year. Scholarship funds may be used for coursework, supplies, training and/or professional conferences.

The Foundation for Soy Innovation exists to advance the technology, ingenuity and partnerships integral to the future for soy, at every stage in the process. The Foundation is chaired Matt McCrate of Cape Girardeau. To learn more about the Foundation for Soy Innovation, explore

Missouri Soybean Association

The Missouri Soybean Association is a statewide membership organization working to increase the profitability of Missouri soybean farmers through advocacy and education efforts across the state. To learn more, explore

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