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The University of Missouri Shares New Extension Soybean Specialist

Dr. Andre Reis is stated as the new specialist to serve soybean farmers in Missouri

The University of Missouri – Columbia announced Dr. Andre Reis as the state’s new soybean specialist to conduct research and extend Extension efforts to soybean producers across the state.

“My goal is to develop and share sustainable practices for soybean production,” said Reis. “These recommendations include nutrient and fertilizer strategies, planting dates, population plans, and management of abiotic stresses such as drought and heat, only to name a few.”

Reis comes to Missouri from Louisiana State University (LSU) where he served growers as a soybean and sugarcane specialist. Reis’ experience in agronomy and physiology positions him well to lead Missouri’s soybean industry – the state’s top agricultural commodity.

“The security of a soybean specialist in the state is a much-needed asset to our growers,” said Aaron Porter, Missouri Soybean Merchandising (MSMC) chairman. “We greatly appreciate the promise Reis has provided to return research results back to soybean stakeholders in a timely manner.”

Reis’ experience runs deep in innovation and aiding growers. Following the completion of his PhD Reis accepted a position as the Latin American lead for Agronomic Innovation at John Deere. He also spent several years as a crop consultant in Brazil assisting growers in their decisions at the farm gate.

Reis’ research background has focused on biological nitrogen fixation in soybean, grain composition quality (protein and oil concentrations), nutrient management, crop modeling and precision agriculture.

“I look forward to connecting with farmers and immersing myself into the soybean production system in Missouri,” said Reis. “After meeting the producers, I can prioritize issues and develop a research framework that will positively impact the industry.”

Reis will be located on the main campus at the University of Missouri – Columbia. He will begin in his new role on April 1.

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