Pesticide Resources

The term pesticides encompasses many different tools farmers use, from herbicides to insecticides to fungicides, depending on the pressures facing their crops before and during the growing process.

Farmers interested in learning more about managing pest pressure, reviewing pesticide label information and determining the best options for their farms can find a wealth of resources – from one-on-one guidance from a Certified Crop Adviser, an agronomist or technical specialist, to online and in-person training, to detailed reports and labels accompanying pesticides sold at retail.

Farmers looking for guidance on identifying the weeds, insects or other pests affecting their farms may find the Take Action program helpful. Made possible by the soybean checkoff and United Soybean Board, Take Action provides weed, disease and insect identification tools, as well as resources on managing those pressures. Learn more online at

Have more specific questions about new in-field technology? The Missouri Department of Agriculture has resources focused on new Dicamba formulations, including Missouri’s 24c Special Local Need labels, required training, and other regulations. Learn more about those resources online at