QSorter® Provides Next Level Trait Selection in Soybean Research

Missouri soybean farmers invest in a seed trait sorter, improving research efficiency.

Many factors impact a soybean farmers’ growing season, harvest productivity and bottom line. Trait selection is toward the top of the list. Evaluating the newest varieties to be planted is an important decision supported by soybean research. The recent purchase of the QualySense QSorter® will elevate trait research conducted across the U.S. 

“The QSorter® enables soybean breeders to rapidly select seeds with key desired traits, such as high oleic and protein,” said Greg Luce, director of research for Missouri Soybean. “This accuracy increases both efficiency and probability of success in field trials conducted through the Northern Missouri soybean breeding program and the Soyleic® breeding program across partnering states.” 

Soyleic® is a non-GMO, high oleic, low linolenic trait, with multi-state public breeding programs developing varieties ranging from maturity Groups 1 to 7.

“The Soyleic® program success is based on bringing the trait to market in high-yielding varieties,” said Bryan Stobaugh, director of licensing for Missouri Soybean. “The QSorter® enables the Soyleic® project to select varieties much earlier in the breeding process, which ensures those selections are brought to market in a more timely manner.” 

This seed trait sorter can also measure several compositional and physical parameters in a non-destructive way, drastically reducing the need for other expensive laboratory analysis. Using the QSorter® shortens the breeding cycle, increases efficiency and saves both time and money. 

“Utilizing tools such as the QSorter® aids in our continuous efforts around directed breeding and scaled commercialization within the protein ecosystem, working to make soy the most sustainable protein choice worldwide,” said Gary Wheeler, Missouri Soybean CEO.

Breeders at the Missouri Soybean Association Bay Farm Research Facility, MU Delta Center and nationwide are not skipping a pod, row, or plot, planning to use the QSorter® in upcoming field trials and research.  

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