Resources for Learning About Soy

Many of our resources can be used to incorporate real-life application into agricultural education focused on plant science and agribusiness topics. In addition to our Simon the Soybean Activity Book for elementary school-aged students, the following resources are available for more advanced students.  

Economic Impact of Soy and Transportation

Missouri Commodity Flow and Infrastructure Study – The purpose of this research effort was to understand the current infrastructure situation as it relates to moving farm commodities to market, provide context to objectively assess the current status of the infrastructure and identify ways to improve the flow of farm commodities to market. Research summary available here.

Economic Impact of Soybean in Missouri – The Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council commissioned the Economic Contribution of Missouri Soybeans study to assess the economic activity associated with the state’s soybean production and processing industry.

County Soybean Economic Reports – The Economic Contribution of Missouri Soybeans study findings were further divided into county-specific reports for every county in Missouri.

Agricultural Research

Missouri Soybean Annual Research Report – The research report brings together soy checkoff-supported work in agronomy, new uses for soy and educational demonstrations. The annual report includes summaries of project results for completed and ongoing work, as well as overviews of newly funded projects – all focused on improving opportunities for soybean farmers.

Soybean Versatility

Uses for Soybeans – Soybean are used in a wide variety of foods for humans and animals, as well as for industrial and consumer products such as building materials, lubricants and other household items. Learn about them on our website.

Soy Products Guide – Each year, the United Soybean Board gathers and publishes information on commercially available industrial soy products and ingredients for businesses and consumers. The Soy Products Guide is for informational purposes and includes products that included soy in some form, regardless of whether soy is the primary ingredient. The products are organized into categories, from furniture and cleaning products to flooring, lubricants and foods.

Real-World Application

Missouri Soybean Farmer – Missouri Soybean Farmer magazine highlights the efforts of the Missouri’s soybean growers to make a difference for the future of their industry.  The magazine includes agricultural policy updates, explores soybean checkoff-funded research and programs, and features soybean growers and processors, providing real-world application to concepts taught in agricultural education.

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education outlines curriculum profiles for agricultural education. The above resources can assist with learning objectives in the following curriculum:

Agricultural Science II
Plant Science
Advanced Crop Science

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