Statement: Missouri Soybean Association on Numeric Nutrient Criteria Decision

The following statement may be attributed to the Missouri Soybean Association:

Monday’s decision by the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri is a sound decision that protects Missouri’s water bodies for generations to come, while not placing erroneous criteria and restriction on Missouri farmers, small businesses and rural communities. The Missouri Soybean Association along with other agricultural, industry and municipal partners provided input to and defended the meticulous work by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MNDR) to craft a Numeric Nutrient Criteria regulation for Missouri lakes that worked for and on behalf of all Missourians. This decision upholding the MNDR regulation will provide clarity and direction to landowners and farmers all across the state while keeping the State of Missouri in the lead role in protecting its waters, an outcome that ultimately best serves it citizens and all of Missouri’s waters.