Statement: Protecting Technology, Respecting Science with Dicamba Formulations

The following statement comes from farmer leaders of the Missouri Soybean Association. This follows the announcement today, December 11, 2017, from the Missouri Department of Agriculture available online at

Over the course of the past two months, the Missouri Department of Agriculture has released label information for ENGENIA, FEXAPAN and XTENDIMAX for 2018. This comes after collaboration with producers, researchers and industry, and charts a path forward for the final year of the existing EPA registration for these formulations.

We respect the regulatory responsibilities and processes on the shoulders of Missouri’s Department of Agriculture. And, as our president said in July:

We, the farmers leading your Missouri Soybean Association, have advocated for timely EPA approvals of new technology and for close attention to label and application information. We support the regulatory process and have advocated for tougher penalties for individuals who violate label instructions, especially repeat offenders.

We take our role as the voice for Missouri soybean farmers on regulatory and policy issues very seriously, including in the area of new technology. MSA supports providing available tools and technologies to assist our growers in sustainable soybean production and in ensuring their freedom to operate their businesses as they so choose. We are working with industry and regulators to address issues and make improvements to keep vital tools, technologies and protections available, and we appreciate your support, as members of the Missouri Soybean Association, in those efforts.

The vision for the Missouri Soybean Association is straightforward: Advancing and protecting the interests of Missouri soybean producers. That’s all producers, regardless of whether they have chosen to be a member of the Association, regardless of where in Missouri they farm or the size of their operation, and regardless of their choice to raise non-GMO, conventional or Certified Organic soybean, to irrigate, to till, to double crop or employ crop rotation.

Missouri soybean farmers are strong proponents of technology in agriculture. Nowhere is that more clear than in the fight against herbicide resistant weeds. We work closely with our partners in the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council on innovation benefiting soybean farmers through research, and with our partners at the United Soybean Board on the Take Action program. We will continue in those partnerships, and in working with our Department of Agriculture, to ensure soybean farmers have the tools and technologies they need to succeed in raising soybean in Missouri for the long term, even when that means making tough decisions in the short term.

The Missouri Soybean Association is a statewide membership organization working to increase the profitability of Missouri soybean farmers through advocacy and education efforts across the state. To learn more about the Missouri Soybean Association, visit