Stobaugh Receives New Title as Director of Licensing and Commercialization

Stobaugh Receives New Title as Director of Licensing and Commercialization

Bryan Stobaugh expands his role with Missouri Soybeans to enhance soybean markets

(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.) – Missouri Soybeans’ Bryan Stobaugh will now work under the title of director of licensing and commercialization. Stobaugh previously served as the director of licensing. With the expansion of his position, Stobaugh will work to further movement in the commercialization of soy-based products. This shift allows for a more strategic view and expands the market potential for soybeans.

“Bryan’s added role will allow for a higher return on checkoff investment for Missouri soybean farmers,” says Gary Wheeler, executive director and CEO. “We believe this added focus will add power and concentration to the pipeline and our portfolio ultimately benefiting the farmers’ bottom line.”

Missouri Soybeans’ dedication to soybean research and market opportunities is driven by the increasing demand for soybean products. Stobaugh is working to identify demand trends and develop commercial opportunities for market viable products.

“As seed genetics push forward and drive demand, as seen with SOYLEICâ soybeans, we’ve had to realign our strategic goals,” said Stobaugh. “We are in the business of growing business for soybean farmers. Under this newly aligned program we want to push products further and faster into the marketplace, extending beyond the licensing of our traits.”

Stobaugh will work with the directors of demand and research to level new opportunities for the soybean market. The product inception process will evaluate market needs, commercial viability and return on investment for the farmers.

“The goal of this new department is to successfully launch soy-based products into the commercial space,” said Stobaugh. “We want more soybeans in the hands of consumers, while continuing to make a positive connection back to our producers.”

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