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The largest consumers of soybean meal

Poultry and livestock feed use 97% of soybean meal in the U.S. In Missouri, pigs are the largest consumer of soybean meal followed by broilers (meat chickens), turkeys and cattle. Soybean meal provides the protein, amino acids and energy that growing animals need.

Four piglets laying next to each other on straw

Soybean meal for many species

As a quality feed ingredient for animal agriculture, U.S. soybean meal is used in feed rations for several species.

closeup of pig


Missouri pigs are the largest consumers of soybean meal in the state. The consistent, reliable quality of soybean meal provides protein and energy to aid growth and health.
close up of chickens


In Missouri, broilers (meat chickens) and turkeys are the second largest consumers of soybean meal. Poultry farmers count on the high protein offered by soybean meal to keep their flocks growing and healthy.
beef cattle

Beef cattle

Beef cattle need quality protein in their diets, too, and soybeans can provide that. Beef producers can benefit from adding soybean meal or even whole soybeans to their animals’ diets.
dairy cattle

Dairy cattle

Soybeans are a good source of amino acids, which is key to dairy feed rations. Dairy cattle convert amino acids into essential nutrients such as protein to produce milk.
Many red tilapia in the water


Because of the high protein content, soybeans can replace animal proteins that are used in aquafeeds. Many aquaculture diets now contain 25% to 30% soy.

Calculating rations

Whether you need help determining a ration or are just curious about what goes into animal feed, the University of Missouri Extension Feed Calculator can help.