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Missouri Soybeans has a wealth of resources to help with you.

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For questions about the magazine, press releases or other communications efforts, reach out to Samantha Turner, director of communications, at

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With questions or concerns about policy or legislative impacting rural Missouri, contact Casey Wasser, senior director of policy, at

Bryan Stobaugh Headshot

For more information on the SOYLEIC trait and growing opportunities or other Missouri Soybeans’ licensing and commercialization efforts, reach out to Bryan Stobaugh at

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To schedule a tour, receive educational materials for your students or request sponsorship and membership information, contact Baylee Asbury, director of outreach and education, at

Clayton Light Headshot

For questions about conservation programs and opportunities, contact Clayton Light, director of conservation programs and farm operations, at

Eric Oseland Headshot

To submit research RFPs and progress reports, send emails to Eric Oseland, director of research and agronomy, at

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To find the nearest biodiesel pump or gain access to biodiesel on your operation, reach out to Matt Amick, director of market development, at

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