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Licensing Soybean Genetics

The Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council’s licensing efforts for soybean genetics and trait technologies bring research funded through the soybean checkoff program back to growers in the form of soybean varieties, seed and germplasm. The breeding program has a broad focus across soybean maturity groups, spanning III to V, ensuring varieties are available to meet the needs of farmers throughout the state.

Taking SOYLEIC™, the high-oleic soybean trait technology, and other scientific progress and turning them into soybean farmer profits is the goal of MSMC’s commercialization and licensing endeavors. Revenues generated through licensing and commercialization agreements help bolster the continued work of the checkoff-funded research program, and the cycle continues — only stronger.

Soybean breeding, including germplasm and variety development, is central to the research and commercialization partnership between the University of Missouri and Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. Through their checkoff, soybean farmers invest in this work, to move their industry forward. The work isn’t limited to Missouri, either – the team has the ability to go well beyond the Show-Me State in supporting farmers and soybean innovation.

Program information

Varieties and germplasm available in the annual seed guide

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To learn more about licensing of Missouri’s soybean genetics, contact licensing director Bryan Stobaugh.