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Committed to Missouri soybeans and Missouri farmers

Missouri Soybeans staff are dedicated to Missouri soybeans and the farmers who grow them. Staff members are committed to helping increase the demand for Missouri soybeans through research, marketing, promotion and education. Responsible for the day-to-day operations of Missouri Soybeans, this team works tirelessly for the success of Missouri soybeans.

Gary Wheeler Headshot

Gary Wheeler

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
Casey Wasser Headshot

Casey Wasser

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Policy Director
Kim Hill Headshot

Kim Hill

Chief Financial and Information Officer
Samantha Turner Headshot

Samantha Turner

Director of Communications and Marketing
Ryan Siegel Headshot

Ryan Siegel

Communications Coordinator
Madelyn Warren Headshot

Madelyn Warren

Communications Coordinator
Matt Amick Headshot

Matt Amick

Director of Market Development
Eric Oseland Headshot

Eric Oseland, PhD

Director of Agronomy and Research
Bryan Stobaugh Headshot

Bryan Stobaugh

Director of Licensing and Commercialization
Baylee Asbury Headshot

Baylee Asbury

Director of Outreach and Education
Dylan Anderson Headshot

Dylan Anderson

Field Services Coordinator
Clayton Light Headshot

Clayton Light

Director of Conservation Ag and Farm Operations
Brady Lichtenberg

Brady Lichtenberg

Conservation Programs Manager
Liz Henderson

Liz Henderson

Policy Coordinator
Jeff Bruemmer Headshot

Jeff Bruemmer

Accounting Manager
Macy Whittenberg Headshot

Macy Whittenberg

Accounting Coordinator
Mary Kever Headshot

Mary Kever

Senior Executive Specialist
Amber Meyer Headshot

Amber Meyer

Office Manager