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A soybean farmer is part grower, part environmentalist

Soybean farmers are counted on to provide affordable and safe food, feed, fuel and fiber in a sustainable manner. This is no small task, but one that farmers are up to.

soybean farmers

Missouri soybean farmers are on the front lines of modern agriculture.

Step into the cab of any tractor today and it looks like Mission Control. Farmers today need all the data they can get to manage their land while growing high quality soybeans to meet the needs of a growing world.

What is modern agriculture

Soybean farmers believe in continual improvement on their farms.

By using modern agricultural tools and adopting proven sustainability practices, soybean farmers are protecting and even restoring their land.

Making a difference

Animal agriculture counts on soybeans

Pigs, poultry, cattle and fish are the top consumers of soybeans. Animal agriculture relies on soybean farmers to provide a steady, safe and high-quality supply of soybeans to keep their flocks and herds fed.


The miracle bean

As a crop that provides both meal and oil, soybeans are extremely versatile. Add to that sustainable and renewable and you’ve got an ideal ingredient for many products.

Picture of Robert Alpers with text overlay that reads "MEET ROBERT ALPERS"

Robert Alpers is a generational farmer who grew up working on his family’s operation with his father and two brothers. He has continued the tradition of passing on the farm and today he farms with his son Nathan who operates the family business. Their diversified farm focuses on growing soybeans, corn and wheat while managing a cow/calf operation. Robert and Nathan practice sustainability by implementing cover crops, no-till, terraces and waterways on their farm while rotating crops each season.

Stay up to date

We have a lot to share with you: the latest soybean research, legislative bills, agricultural trends and innovations that impact farming and much more.