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Our Board Members ensure your checkoff dollars are invested to benefit Missouri soybean farmers

These 13 farmer-directors oversee the local investment of your Missouri checkoff dollars.

Farmer-directors are elected in statewide elections to serve his or her geographic region. MSMC activities are coordinated through a full-time staff in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Aaron Porter

Aaron Porter

Chairman - District 7
Mark Lehenbauer Headshot

Mark Lehenbauer

Vice Chairman - District 3
Kevin Mainord Headshot

Kevin Mainord

Secretary/Treasurer - District 7
Darrell Aldrich

Darrell Aldrich

Board Member - District 1
Nathan White

Nathan White

Board Member - District 1
Kyle Durham Headshot

Kyle Durham

Past Chairman - District 2
Marc Zell

Marc Zell

Board Member - District 2
Tim Gottman Headshot

Tim Gottman

Board Member - District 3
Brad Arnold Headshot

Brad Arnold

Board Member - District 4
Robert Alpers Headshot

Robert Alpers

Board Member - District 5
Denny Mertz Headshot

Denny Mertz

Board Member - District 6
Trent Haggard Headshot

Trent Haggard

Board Member - District 7
Justin Rone Headshot

Justin Rone

Board Member - District 7