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Our farmer directors represent you to policymakers

Sixteen MSA directors represent the interests of you the soybean farmer in each of the seven districts found in Missouri.—

Matt Wright Headshot

Matt Wright

President, District 3
Renee Fordyce Headshot

Renee Fordyce

Vice President, District 1
C. Brooks Hurst Headshot

C. Brooks Hurst

Secretary, District 1
Cody Brock Headshot

Cody Brock

Board Treasurer, District 2
Andrew Lance Headshot

Andrew Lance

District 1
Ronnie Russell Headshot

Ronnie Russell

District 1
Clint Prange Headshot

Clint Prange

District 3
Dane Diehl Headshot

Dane Diehl

District 4
Garrett Riekhof Headshot

Garrett Riekhof

District 4
Russell Wolf Headshot

Russell Wolf

District 5
Terry Schwoeppe

Terry Schwoeppe

District 6
Tory Meyr

Tory Meyr

District 7
Jason Mayer Headshot

Jason Mayer

District 7
Pete Rost Jr. Headshot

Pete Rost Jr.

District 7
Ryan Wilson Headshot

Ryan Wilson

District 7