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Funding soybean research

The MSMC, along with partners such as the University of Missouri-Columbia, boasts one of the top production research programs in the country. Through research, MSMC is bringing more innovation to Missouri soybean farmers to help your operation from the ground up.

Midwest Research Projects

Learn more about what we are doing in Missouri as well as how we’re partnering with the Soybean Research Information Network (SRIN) in Missouri. Get the details on the projects along with updates, images and more.

Learn more about what we are doing in Missouri as well as how we’re partnering with the Soybean Research Information Network (SRIN) in Missouri. Get the details on the projects along with updates, images and more.


We’re making a difference

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Completed Projects


Total Investment


Clean Fuels Alliance Helping the biodiesel industry reach 6-billion-gallons by 2030 FY 2022 $100,000
Environmental Benefits Associated with the Use of Biodiesel in the Marine and Freight Rail Sectors Moving Towards Net Zero Emissions Evaluate the environmental benefits associated with the use of biodiesel $25,000
Promoting the Export of U.S. Soybean Meal and Soybeans to Mexico/Latin American Buyers Increasing product availability and logistical awareness $30,000
Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council Support of Soy Excellence Center Program Workforce training and capacity building to diversify demand for U.S. soy exports $100,000
Value-Added Applications of Soybean for Golf Industries Evaluating a version 2.0 of the ball which contains not only soybean oil in the outer layer, but soybean meal as the core of the ball, followed by testing the ball to measure performance $55,000
What Amounts of Whole Soybeans can be Included in Diets to Optimize Lactation, Ruminal Fermentation and Methane Emissions in Lactating Dairy Cows? Gathering data to determine optimal levels of feed intake $55,000
IPRS Development to Enhance Soy-Based Aquaculture Feed Adoption in Cambodia – Phase IV Promote inclusion of soybean meal in commercial aquaculture feed and continue to increase awareness of IPRS as an aquaculture production system $50,000
U.S. Pork Promotion Partnership Funding promotion activities that build demand for chilled U.S. pork in Japan $50,000
U.S. Poultry Development Program for Philippine Foodservice Sector Marketing program to promote U.S. poultry products in the Philippines $50,000
Developing the Process to Raise Rainbow Trout More Tolerant to Soybean Meal Feed Improving feed utilization efficiency will reduce the cost of producing commercial trout $45,000
Free SCN Egg Count Program for Missouri Soybean Producers Providing growers access to SCN egg counts free of charge $10,400
Monsanto Education Center for Sustainable Solutions (MECSS) Improving the educational outreach of MECSS $21,600
Do Crop Rotation and Cover Crops Impact Soil Health, Soil Water, Productivity, and Profitability in Missouri Soybean Systems? Evaluating the effects of crop rotation and cover crops $27,000
“MU Certified” Strip Trial Initiative: Cover Crop Trials Helping farmers validate management decisions on their farm $70,000
Evaluating the Impacts of Weed Electrocution on Earthworms, Soil Health, Microbe Activity, and Soybean Cyst Nematodes Determining how weed electrocution can reduce weed seed from the soil seedbank $70,000
Understanding the Impacts of Soybean Cyst Nematode Seed Treatments on SCN and Sudden Death Syndrome in Missouri Evaluating seed treatments and developing management recommendations $17,900
Defining the Optimal Rice/Soybean Rotation Interval Identify the short- and long-term effects of different rice and soybean rotation intervals on yield, quality, pest pressure and nutrient availability $26,000
Developing a Streamlined Set of Spatially-Temporally Resolved Soil Health Indicators for Maximizing Productivity of Missouri Soybean Producers Integrating soil health measurements as decision support tools $63,000
Foliar Fungicides and Disease Management: A Strip-Trial Study Comparing the use of fungicides versus no fungicides $45,000
Development of Functional Ultra High Stearic Acid Soybean Germplasm Developing soybean germplasms adapted to the Mid-South $6,250
Novel New Functional Edible Protein Films from Soybean Using Innovative 3-D Printing Technology Optimizing conditions for soy protein film $7,658
Whole Soy Food Acceptability and Market Viability Study Evaluating consumer acceptability and market viability for food-grade soybeans $5,620
Screening Soybean Varieties for Dicamba Resistance (Conditional on EPA Use Approval) Finding and developing Midsouth varieties that are tolerant to Dicamba drift $16,375
Accelerating Value-Added Soybean Germplasm Development and High-Level Soybean Genetic Studies Through High-Throughput Seed Analysis Technology Next-generation sequencing and genetic mapping population development $35,000
Southern Root-Knot Nematode in Group 4 Soybean Characterization Characterize the mechanism of resistance to SRKN $18,750
Screening Soybean Germplasm and Breeding Soybeans for Flood Tolerance Identifying, recommending and incorporating flood tolerance $60,000
Delta Center Soybean Breeding Program Developing and licensing high-yielding group IV soybeans $475,000
North Missouri Soybean Breeding Program Developing commercially competitive conventional and herbicide resistant varieties $465,000
North Central Soybean Research Program Basic and applied research projects with a regional impact FY 2022/2023 $175,000
HOLL Plus Soybean Variety Development Developing more profitable high yielding maturity group III and IV soybean varieties $95,000
Utilizing Molecular Markers for Soybean Variety Development – includes Qsorter Marker-assisted selection for introgression of essential traits in breeding programs $137,000
SCN Screening for MO Breeding Programs Ensures the continued development of high yielding cultivars with SCN resistance $125,000
Leveraging Stable Isotope Traits to Improve Soybean Water Use Efficiency and Yield Under Drought Identifying, selecting and advancing WUE traits $107,000 
Net Importer Study Summarizes new soybean market opportunities in Missouri

Project Reporting

For researchers currently conducting research funded by the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council, please fill out the quarterly project reporting by clicking the button below.

Quarterly Reporting

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