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Missouri Soybean Yield Contest

Missouri Soybean Yield Contest

About the Contest

Missouri farmers have consistently brought big numbers on soybeans in the annual yield contest, combining innovation and expertise throughout the growing season that pays off at harvest. The Missouri Soybean Association no longer requires participants to submit an pre-harvest entry form and has made two changes to the rules to reflect the adoption of on-farm practices across the state:

New Category for District Competition – Cover Crop
To qualify for this new category, soybean must be planted without tillage into a cover crop. There is no restriction on the type of cover crop used or on the termination timing of the cover crop. Irrigation is not allowed for this category. The Cover Crop category will be added to the existing District categories of No-tillage (dryland) and Tilled (dryland). Each district will have the opportunity to recognize winners in each of the three categories.

Recheck Yield Moved to 90 bu/acre
For many years, a recheck has been required at 75 bu/acre. With yields continuing to climb it is appropriate to raise that to 90 bu/acre. Weigh wagons may be used for yields up to 90 bushels per acre. Any contest yield in excess of 90 bu/acre must be rechecked and the recheck results will be the official contest yield. State-certified scales and moisture testers must be used for measuring and weighing processes for recheck yields in excess of 90 bushels per acre. On-farm scales may be used if they are state certified.

The higher recheck requirement is in keeping with the ever-increasing yields. Missouri’s statewide average soybean yield was nearly 50 bu/ac in 2020.

The Missouri Soybean Association yield includes regional competitions, in addition to the statewide contest. Growers in each of the Association’s seven districts compete against one another for top yield. The regional competition allows farmers the opportunity to show their skills against others’ growing in similar soils and under similar weather conditions.

Thanks to the partnership of the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council and industry, top growers receive cash prizes. Winners in the district-level competitions go on to compete for statewide recognition and additional prizes. Growers with yields of 100 bushels per acre or more receive additional prizes as well.

Missouri Soybean Yield Contest Rules
Yield Contest Harvest Form 2023

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