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Homegrown, sustainable biodiesel

Missouri soybean farmers were among the first to invest in biodiesel. It’s no surprise that Missouri is a top producer and user of this soy-based fuel.

Fuel for any diesel engine

Biodiesel has been approved for use by all original equipment manufacturers in existing diesel engines. Not only is it high performing, but biodiesel offers benefits that petroleum-based diesel doesn’t, like improved lubricity and reduced emissions.

biodiesel fuel pump between two pickup trucks

Domestically produced

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made in Missouri (and other Midwest states) using agricultural feedstocks such as soybean oil.

Clean burning

Biodiesel produces fewer greenhouse gasses, creates less particulate matter and reduces hydrocarbon emissions.

Year-round use

Biodiesel can be used in diesel vehicles year-round and requires no different cold-weather management practices than petroleum-based diesel fuel.

Supports animal agriculture

Biodiesel production drives demand for soybean oil while supporting animal ag. Soybeans can be crushed for both oil and meal. Increased demand for soybean oil to make biodiesel boosts the supply of soybean meal available to make animal feed leading to lower feed prices.

Farmers support biodiesel

Not only do farmers grow the soybeans that go into biodiesel, but they use and invest in it themselves.

Paseo LLC

Paseo Biofuels is a New Generation LLC made up of more than 600 Missouri farmer members that own 53 percent of a biodiesel production facility and glycerin refinery in Kansas City, Missouri.
biofuels, llc logo

Biofuels LLC

Located in Mexico, Missouri, Mid-America Biofuels is a joint venture of Biofuels, LLC (a farmer-owned biodiesel business), Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers, MFA Oil Company, Growmark Inc, and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM).

Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri

The Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri exists to promote the commercial success of biodiesel in Missouri.

Explore other soybean uses

flock of chickens


Feed: Soybeans in animal agriculture

As a source of quality protein, soybeans are an important part of feed rations. Pigs, poultry, cattle and even fish enjoy soybean meal.

Donuts in front of high oleic soybean oil


Food: Soybeans in human consumption

Versatile, low in cholesterol and high in protein and other nutrients, soy foods can be a part of a healthy diet. There are many ways to add soybeans to any meal or snack from soymilk to soy-based protein and everything in between.

close up for fiber insulation


Fiber: Soybeans as a renewable ingredient in consumer goods

Soy is a sustainable, renewable ingredient used in many consumer goods including shoes, tires, sealants and much more.