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Current Edition
February 2023

Missouri Soybean Farmer magazine highlights the efforts of the Missouri’s soybean growers to make a difference for the future of their industry.  The magazine includes agricultural policy updates, explores soybean checkoff-funded research and programs, and features soybean growers and processors.

The magazine, a publication of the Missouri Soybean Association, is published six times per year and distributed throughout the state. For more details, including 2023 advertising information and to reserve space, contact Samantha Turner at (573)635-3819 or

Past Editions

December 2022

The December issue of the Missouri Soybean Farmer focuses on the time spent at home with family after the harvest season. In this issue, we highlight the ways Bioheat is used to heat the holidays, how biodiesel is being showcased across the Midwest and the journey of soybeans from harvest to home. The issue also highlights the work of farmer-leader and MSA Board Member, Dane Diehl.

October 2022

The October issue of the Missouri Soybean Farmer focuses on the hard work that farmers put into each and every soybean harvest. In this issue, we highlight the war against soybean cyst nematode (SCN), the soybean season in Southeast, Missouri, and the work of farmer-leader and MSMC Chair, Aaron Porter.

August 2022

The August issue of the Missouri Soybean Farmer focuses on the connection between livestock and soybeans. In this issue, we highlight the connections between showstock and soybeans, the retirement of MSMC Board Chair, Kyle Durham, and the work of farmer-leader, Cody Brock.
Missouri Soybean Farmer: Issue June 2021

June 2022

The June issue of the Missouri Soybean Farmer focuses on the Future State of Soy and the work that the soybean checkoff is doing to secure a better future for soy.
Missouri Soybean Farmer_April 2022 Cover

April 2022

After nearly four decades in soybean research, Greg Luce takes off his Missouri Soybeans hat to spend more time with…

Missouri Soybean Farmer_February 2022

February 2022

A Story of Supply The partnership between Sipcam Oxon and SOYLEIC will introduce the high-oleic soybean trait internationally.

Missouri Soybean Farmer_December 2021 Cover

December 2021

Soybeans, Sunflowers & Service: For outgoing MSA president Ronnie Russell, advocating for agriculture comes naturally.

Missouri Soybean Farmer_October 2021 Cover

October 2021

Homegrown Biodiesel: The benefits biodiesel brings to the local, state and national economies are widespread from higher commodity prices to…

Missouri Soybean Farmer_August 2021 Cover

August 2021

Investing in Research: Farmer-selected projects to grow demand for soy and address on-farm challenges are central to the checkoff.

Missouri Soybean Farmer_June 2021 Cover

June 2021

MSA Membership: See how getting involved can make a difference for your bottom line.

Missouri Soybean Farmer_February 2021 Cover

February 2021

Sustainability in Action: Missouri’s Leopold Conservation Award winners are looking at long-term health.

Missouri Soybean Farmer_April 2021 Cover

April 2021

Counting Carbon: A new pilot project is providing hands-on education around carbon markets and trading.

Missouri Soybean Farmer_December 2020 Cover

December 2020

Terminating Weeds: Technology for managing weeds goes beyond chemistry for these Missouri researchers.

Missouri Soybean Farmer_October 2020

October 2020

Weeds at the Elevator: Pressure from weed seeds doesn’t stop in the field. They can cause pain at the elevator,…

Missouri Soybean Farmer_August 2020 Cover

August 2020

The Center for Soy Innovation features soy-based building with new uses for soy.

Missouri Soybean Farmer_June 2020 Cover

June 2020

Native plantings are going in at the Center for Soy Innovation to create a sustainability and pollinator- focused demonstration area.

Missouri Soybean Farmer_April 2020

April 2020

The Center for Soy Innovation is now ready for visitors. Learn more about the facility and it’s soy-based start.

Missouri Soybean Farmer_February 2020 Cover

February 2020

Yield Contest Results: A tough year can mean many lessons learned in the annual yield contest , including the value…