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Brock Farms LLC

Cody Brock

Hometown: Stet, MO
Farming Since: 2006

Cody Brock, proud father, husband and farmer, raises row crops and cattle with his father in northwest Missouri. However, his work extends beyond the farm and family, from being an active community member to treasurer for the Missouri Soybean Association Board, Cody wears many hats. Cody is working to create a generational legacy by instilling the values of rural life and agriculture into his two daughters.

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Farmer Q&A

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up on a generational farm in Stet, Missouri. I attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and received my B.S. in agricultural education, leadership and communication. Since college, my goal has been to invest my time, money and energy into building an operation for my family in Stet. I am married to Paige, and we have two girls, Chesney and Bellamy.

Tell us a little about your farm.

My dad and I have a cattle and row crop operation in northwest Missouri. We grow soybeans, corn and help raise show pigs with my daughters. We also produce some non-GM waxy corn to send to Kansas City.  My farm still consists of what my grandpa owned when he started farming. Today, my grandpa is 90 years old and still working on the farm.

Tell us about your involvement in agriculture.

A few years ago, I concluded my ALOT experience. With that opportunity, I got the chance to travel and visit Italy and see agriculture prosper in different places. Locally, I am on the board of directors of the Stet volunteer fire department. I also serve on our township board and assist with Carroll County Farm Bureau events. I am on the Carroll County Livestock Leaders and serve as the swine superintendent.

When I was able to buy my first farm. As a young farmer, trying to leave my own legacy and have something to pass down to my family, it was a blessing when I was able to purchase my own land.”

Should tractors be red or green?


What is your favorite planting or harvest snack?

Deer jerky.

What are you listening to while working?

I mostly listen to podcasts. I try to keep up on Ag Phd, the Pioneer Agronomy Update and showing livestock podcasts.

Who are your favorite ag influencers to follow?

I’m addicted to the Millennial Farmer on YouTube. I also enjoy watching videos from Larson Farms.

To me, there’s no truer occupation you could be involved in. It’s part of your responsibility to take care of the ground you grew up on and leave it better than you found it. To me, it’s just the right way to live. Every morning, you have a job to do and it’s feeding the world and it’s a job that must be done right.”

Who is your biggest influence?

My dad. He was the one who installed the drive and motivation to return to the farm after college and grow the operation to where it is now.

Do you incorporate any sustainable practices on your farm?

We use cover crops, terraces and tile on certain fields to alleviate erosion. We also no-till all our beans to make them easier to plant into the next spring.