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Wright Farms

Matt Wright

Farming Since: 1999

From row-crop to cattle, Matt Wright operates a five generation family farm in wester Marion County. Matt and his wife, Erin, raise their four children: Levi, Nathan, Abigail, and Elisabeth. They enjoy raising their kids and being active within their sports and music activities.

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Farmer Q&A

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a fifth-generation farmer on both sides of my family tree. I live in wester Marion County with my wife, Erin, and four kids, Levi, Nathan, Abigail, and Elisabeth. I love watching my kids compete in sports and play music.

Tell us a little about your farm.

I have a diversified row-crop and cattle farm. I raise soybeans, corn, cows, and kids.

Tell us about your involvement in agriculture.

I have been riding in tractors since before I was born. It is all I have ever known. I vividly remember riding with both my parents in those 4430’s and 4630’s for hours. Those moments shaped who I am as a farmer and a dad. This is what drives me to do everything I can to protect and preserve both the land and this way of life for the next generation of farmers in my family.

The times I get to work with family, whether it be my parents or my kids. Those are the best memories.”

Should tractors be red or green?

I’ve grown up with mostly green, so I stick pretty close to John Deere.

What is your favorite planting or harvest snack?

Beef Jerky.

What are you listening to while working?

A variety; I don’t stay with one thing very long.

Who are your favorite ag influencers to follow?

Investing and Marketing Tweeters.

Agriculture is such a regarding industry in so many ways. There are endless opportunities in ag to accommodate a person of just about any skill set.”

Who is your biggest influence?

Growing up, definitely my parents. I was blessed with wise, generous, hard-working parents who taught me the things I needed to be a good dad myself. Now, my wife, Erin, is the one who helps me be a better person every day.

Do you incorporate any sustainable practices on your farm?

We use no-till and minimum till extensively. I have also laid tile and built miles and miles of terraces to keep the soil where it belongs. Doing conservation work with the dozer is one of my favorite things to do.