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Roy Cope & Son

Roy Cope

Hometown: Truxton, Missouri
Farming Since: 1988

Roy grew up in Truxton, Mo. Truxton is home to his family farm where he works with his son. Alongside his son, and other employees, Roy spends his time working on their corn, soybean, wheat, and cow/calf operation. Roy gets his work ethic and passion for farming from his father.

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Roy Cope

Farmer Q&A

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a proud Truxton native. I’ve lived here all my life and moved just two miles down the road from my parent’s place to marry my wife and raise our two kids, a daughter and son. Now, I work with our son on our family farm, which I bought in 2013. When I’m not farming, I enjoy spending time with my family and grandchildren.

Roy Cope standing beside tractor

Tell us a little about your farm.

My son and I farm together on a 3,000 acre farm in Truxton, Mo. We grow corn, soybeans and wheat on our operation and try to split it evenly amongst the three crops. We also run a 180 head cow-calf operation.  I also do quite a bit of excavating, which I got started in around 1987 when I built my first terrace.

A part of me feels like farming has to be in your blood. The work is intense but if you enjoy the work and if that’s what you want to do, then you have to go for it.”

Should tractors be red or green?

We use a mix. I’m AGCO blood but since they stopped making orange tractors, we run New Holland and Case International.

Roy Cope scouting in a bean field

What is your favorite planting or harvest snack?

Peanuts & lemonade

What are you listening to while working?

I prefer Country 96.

Roy Cope in front of semi truck

Who is your biggest influence?

My dad.

How do you take your coffee?

Chocolate milk is my drink of choice.

Do you incorporate any sustainable practices on your operation?

We do no-till and in previous years, we have done some cover cropping. We used to always try to put clover in the wheat to build the soil and I would let the cattle graze it during the summer.