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Optimizing High-Oleic

hand holding roasted high oleic soybeans for pig feed
By Samantha Turner

Created for the farmers, by the farmers. SOYLEIC soybeans are the premium value-added soybean for a non-GM, high-oleic option.

“SOYLEIC soybeans are an excellent representation of Missouri soybean checkoff research at work,” said Aaron Porter, Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council chairman. “Without checkoff-funded research, yield and plant health would be diminished. The high-oleic trait gives farmers the option of growing beans for specific markets domestically and internationally, all while enhancing the quality of the bean.”

SOYLEIC soybeans had several first-of-their-kind breakthroughs in the past two years to expand product reach. In a span of just 24 months, the brand has increased internationally, contracted the first maturity group one license, successfully reached the dairy market, brought forth SOYLEIC+TECH, and more.

With continued breeding and advancements seen across soybean varieties, the creation of the branded name SOYLEIC+TECH came to life. SOYLEIC+TECH is used when a variety developed contains one or more transgenes or genome edits, which may result in the variety being identified as a genetically modified organism (GMO). This portion of the SOYLEIC soybean portfolio will continue to be labeled in this manner to address any questions regarding an identity-preserved varieties’ genetic component differing from the first known SOYELIC soybean event that is non-GM.

To continue the innovation, SOYLEIC soybeans entered a partnership with Perdue AgriBusiness to work in conjunction with their growers, grower organizations and agribusinesses to grow the SOYLEIC traits.

“Perdue is uniquely positioned to process and market high-oleic soybeans to our growers,” said Scott Raubenstine, Perdue’s vice president of agricultural services. “We can expand the reach of these value-added high-oleic soybeans to diversified producers throughout the East Coast.”

Through this powerful partnership, SOYLEIC soybeans can create a long-lasting relationship with soybean farmers through marketing premium opportunities; utilizing Perdue’s “closed loop” contracting approach; and developing an infrastructure that provides convenient, local processing and expanded crush for soybeans.

high oleic soybean plot image - courtesy of Perdue Agribusiness

“Perdue AgriBusiness plans to invest in the crush and refining of high-oleic soybeans in the Southeast U.S. geographies,” said Raubenstine. “We will expand our Pantego, North Carolina, crush facility and increase the refining capacities of our Bowersville, Georgia, plant to handle increased acreage of high-oleic soybeans supported by checkoff dollars.”

This adds to MSMC’s previously established relationship with Perdue Agribusiness. Since 2021, Perdue AgriBusiness has partnered with MSMC to license several of its patented lines of high-oleic SOYLEIC soybeans, offering identity-preserved non-GMO growing opportunities.

“SOYLEIC soybeans serve as a great link across the row to achieve the balance of demand placed upon our retailers by the consumer,” said Bryan Stobaugh, Missouri Soybeans director of licensing. “Consumers want to know what’s in their food and where it came from. The identity-preserved systems that help SOYLEIC deliver performance and functionality also enable full traceability from farm to fork.”

In the 2022 growing season, Perdue AgriBusiness contracted with soybean farmers in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia to grow almost 10,000 acres of SOYLEIC soybeans with the high-oleic trait.

“I have been marketing soybeans with Perdue Agribusiness for several years,” said Lee Johnson, a soybean farmer from Lowgap, North Carolina.

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Perdue provided an opportunity for me to produce SOYLEIC soybeans on my farm. As long as growing conditions remain favorable, I’m going to capture a premium price for my SOYLEIC soybeans without sacrificing yield as compared to the varieties I have grown in the past.
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Lee Johnson
North Caroline Soybean Producer

Johnson is one of many farmers recognizing the value of adopting this new offering. Farmers contracted to grow SOYLEIC high-oleic soybeans have the potential to earn up to a $1.00 per bushel premium

“These high-oleic soybeans were part of our strategy to assist crop producers to transition and expand acres through this value-added trait,” said Peter Gruppo, Perdue agribusiness director of U.S. domestic specialty grains.

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These high-oleic soybeans offer soybean growers the right combination of high yield and profit potential in a rapidly growing market.
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Peter Gruppo
Director of U.S. Domestic Specialty Grains

SOYLEIC soybeans are available for today’s soybean varieties and result in high-oleic oil and meal. The product of years of conventional soybean breeding, SOYLEIC has the functionality and performance that soybean oil is known for and a high-oleic fat profile that naturally eliminates trans fats.

This agreement will add to Missouri Soybeans states with SOYLEIC varieties, which now totals 20 states with SOYLEIC soybeans being commercially produced.

The SOYLEIC trait is available for license from the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. Find out more at

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