Youth & Consumer Education

For individuals wanting to learn more about how Missouri’s top crop is grown and used, the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council and soybean checkoff work to make resources available – ranging from kids activities to one-on-one conversations for parents making food choices for their families.

Activity Books

Elementary-school aged children will enjoy a broad range of activities in the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council’s annual activity book. Featuring Simon the Soybean, the book includes coloring pages, fact sheets, puzzles and other games showing how soybeans are grown and how they’re used to make household items families use every day.

Check out the 2021 book, as well as our 20162017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 editions. All three books are available for download and individuals and community groups are welcome to make copies of the books or pages for use throughout the year.

Each winter, Missouri Soybean also works with Missouri FFA chapters to bring the activity books into classrooms during National FFA Week.

Life Cycle of a Soybean

Curious about what goes into raising soybeans in Missouri? Want your youngest learners to have more to explore? The new video, Life Cycle of a Soybean, takes children through steps a farmer takes in raising soybeans – and what happens to the crop when it leaves the farm.


CommonGround™, a partnership between the United Soybean Board and the National Corn Growers Association, is a national program aimed at creating a unified voice for modern agriculture. Funded directly by farmers through their checkoff programs, CommonGround is an effort to show how farm families work to produce the safe, wholesome food supply we enjoy.

CommonGroundMissouri farm women volunteer their time to be a part of this grassroots program. Volunteers share their personal stories and demonstrate the similarities of real farm families and the consumers who benefit from what farmers grow.

Interested in learning more about the CommonGround program? Visit to meet Missouri’s farm women and sign up for the program newsletter.

Ag Education on the Move


Agriculture Education on the Move is an educational program available across Missouri through Missouri Farmers Care. Missouri Farmers Care is a joint effort by Missouri’s farming and agriculture community to stand together for the men and women who provide the food and jobs on which our community depends. Missouri Farmers Care implements activities to promote the continued growth of Missouri agriculture and rural communities through coordinated communication, education and advocacy. Visit for more information.

Ag Education on the Move began as an educational effort by the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council (MSMC) and the soy checkoff. In 2011, MSMC saw a need for hands-on agriculture education and committed its resources to build a program that took agriculture education into elementary school classrooms. From that initial commitment, the program grew. By 2015, the program had grown to represent all of Missouri agriculture, and MSMC and Missouri Farmers Care came together on a plan that would support even more growth going forward. Today, the program has 26 educators volunteering in Missouri schools and has connected with more than 47,000 students and their families across Missouri.


Product Research

The MSMC, along with partners such as the University of Missouri-Columbia, boast one of the top production research programs in the country. See how the MSMC and USB are working to boost your yields.

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Soy Products Guide

Soy offers manufacturers a greener, cleaner and safer way to make everything from candles and couches to fuels and paints. This interactive guide will give you a closer look at the soy-based products available today.

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