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Logo and Fact Sheet Resources

Explore the logos and infographics we’ve procured for you and your next article.

SOYLEIC Sell Sheet

SOYLEIC™ non-GMO high oleic soybean oil delivers the functionality and versatility
that soy is known for, but with a high-performance fat profile that naturally eliminates
trans fats, giving consumers a better choice when making decisions for their diet.

SOYLEIC Fact Sheet

SOYLEIC®, a true non-GMO high oleic soybean trait, was developed through partnerships between the University of Missouri, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council, and the United Soybean Board.

MoSoy Economic Impact

MoSoy Legislative Fact Sheet

Better Cows Better Milk with High Oleic Soybeans

Checkoff Overview

The Impact of Soybean Research in Missouri

Biodiesel Brochure

Biodiesel in Missouri

SOYLEIC Dairy Overview

SOYLEIC High Oleic Soybeans Overview

MOSoy Logo (Color EPS)

MOSoy Logo (B&W EPS)

MSMC Check Logo (PNG)

MSMC Check Logo (JPG)

MSA Full Logo (TIF)

MSA Base Logo (PNG)


MSA Logo (B&W PNG)