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Brushvale Seed Expanding Access to SOYLEIC™ Soybeans and Oil

Brushvale Seed has connected growers in the upper Midwest and buyers in southeastern Asia for more than 35 years, making them an outstanding partner for the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council…

Brushvale Seed has connected growers in the upper Midwest and buyers in southeastern Asia for more than 35 years, making them an outstanding partner for the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council in increasing access to SOYLEIC™.

Missouri’s soybean farmers have a new partner in the upper Midwest working to move soybeans with the SOYLEIC™ high oleic trait technology further into the marketplace. Family-owned Brushvale Seed, Inc. is focused on increasing the accessibility of SOYLEIC™ high oleic soybeans and oil through their soybean breeding program and export experience.

“Bringing new soybean varieties and market opportunities to growers is central to what we do investing their soybean checkoff dollars,” said Kyle Durham, a farmer from Norborne and chairman of the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. “Partnerships are key to bringing growers the best returns, and we’re proud to be taking this step forward in helping farmers improve their bottom line by adding value to commodity soybeans and driving export demand.”

Brushvale Seed, is a family-owned company dedicated to the research and development, production and processing of identity preserved non-GMO, food grade soybeans. Their breeding and export operations are rooted in needs they saw within their own farms, and focus on specialty traits that add value to crops. They primarily serve growers in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

“The goal was to be competitive with GMO varieties and to open new markets for growers in the area,” said Tessa Miller Mohs, of Brushvale Seed. “As a food grade supplier in southeastern Asia, it’s important to understand the demand for soy foods and find opportunities for broader growth. It was a way to build on what we were already doing and provide our customers with another value-added option.”

The soybean breeding program within Brushvale Seed has a non-exclusive and non-sub licensable agreement focused on developing varieties with SOYLEIC™ trait technology for maturity groups 0, I and II.

High oleic technology is an advancement in the soybean market that gives soybean oil greater potential for uses like baking, frying and sautéing in both commercial and home kitchens. The technology was developed by soybean breeders Drs. Grover Shannon and Kristin Bilyeu in Missouri through soybean checkoff-supported research. Test plots demonstrating the potential of high oleic soybeans have been planted across the Midwest since 2017, and the trait technology continues to be part of soybean research in Missouri.

Farmers interested in purchasing soybean varieties with the high oleic trait technology from the program will be able to recognize those seed beans through patent numbers and logos. Commercial seed will be marked with patent numbers 9,035,129; 9,198,365; 10,329,576; and/or 10,087,454 and the SOYLEIC™ logo. Proceeds from the sale of soybean varieties developed through the research program are reinvested into soybean research and growing demand and preference for Missouri farmers’ soybeans, and for soy around the world. To learn more about SOYLEIC™ soybean varieties, meal and oil, explore

The Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council board of directors and staff continue exploring opportunities for additional soybean research and breeding partnerships, as well as additional license agreements. Those partnerships will be announced as they are finalized. To learn more about the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council and efforts to improve farmers’ bottom line through wise investment of the soy checkoff, visit

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The Missouri Soybean Association is a statewide membership organization working to increase the profitability of Missouri soybean farmers through advocacy and education efforts across the state. To learn more, explore

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