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Matt Wright Re-Elected to Lead Soybean Association, Retirees Recognized

The Missouri Soybean Association slates farmer, Matt Wright, as president for second year of service (Jefferson City, Mo.) – This week Missouri Soybeans hosted the Missouri Soybean Association (MSA) board in…

The Missouri Soybean Association slates farmer, Matt Wright, as president for second year of service

(Jefferson City, Mo.) – This week Missouri Soybeans hosted the Missouri Soybean Association (MSA) board in Jefferson City for their annual meeting. During the meeting, the Association selected several farmer-leaders to step up in leadership positions to serve Missouri’s soybean growers.

Matt Wright Headshot
Matt Wright

To lead MSA, Matt Wright was re-elected to serve as the president for 2023. Wright is a soybean grower from Emden representing District 3 on the board. Wright has been a board member for more than 10 years, serving in various leadership roles including vice-president.

“I feel incredibly honored to be elected to serve another year at the helm of the Missouri Soybean Association,” said Wright. “As the policy branch of the organization, I am continuously impressed with the advocacy our board and staff puts forth and the work we get done for our growers across the state. As the leader of MSA, my goal is to create a strong future for soy.”

Renee Fordyce, a farmer and rural health professional from Bethany, was also re-elected as the Association’s vice-president. Renee represents District 1 and previously served as the MSA secretary. To round out the board’s leadership, is Brooks Hurst from District 1 as secretary and Cody Brock, representing District 2 as Association treasurer.

MSA recognized two retiring board members, Matthew McCrate and Tom Raffety both of District 7, who have served the organization for 15 years. Both farmer-leaders served as past presidents of MSA and on the American Soybean Association (ASA).

“It has been an immense pleasure to serve on the Missouri Soybean Association board and lead the farmers to surety,” said McCrate. “Not only have I served in various capacities on the MSA board, but it was also an honor to lead as the executive director of the Foundation for Soy Innovation to strive to enhance growth and innovation along the soybean value chain.”

“I can’t thank the soybean farmers of Missouri enough for entrusting in me to serve for more than a decade,” said Raffety. “During my term I had the pleasure to lead in several positions, promoting soybeans’ diversity and ability to feed the world, as well as keeping the families of Missouri farmers on their farms through legislative action. I feel confident under this board’s leadership that our farmers will remain in strong, resilient hands.”

In addition to the newly established executive committee, the following farmer-leaders remain on the board:

  • Andrew Lance, District 1
  • Ronnie Russell, District 1
  • Kate Lambert, District 2
  • Bruce Wilson, District 3
  • Dane Diehl, District 4
  • Garrett Riekhof, District 4
  • Russell Wolf, District 5
  • Terry Schwoeppe, District 6
  • Pete Rost Jr., District 7
  • Jason Mayer, District 7

At the conclusion of the Missouri Soybeans’ Winter Meetings in Feb., MSA will onboard four new board members.

“This board is pivotal in advancing not only the soybean industry, but our nation’s agricultural sector today and in the future,” said Gary Wheeler, executive director and CEO. “I admire the board’s leadership, hard work and dedication to the Association and look forward to working with these leaders to advance our mission at the state and federal level.”

Tom Raffety Headshot
Tom Raffety
Matt McCrate Headshot
Matt McCrate

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