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Missouri Soybeans Secures Beck’s to Propel SOYLEIC® Soybeans

Missouri Soybeans Secures Beck’s to Propel SOYLEIC® Soybeans

(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo) – In an exciting collaboration, Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council and Beck’s, known for the diverse genetics and premium opportunities they bring to farmers, proudly announce a strategic licensing agreement with SOYLEIC® soybeans. This collaboration leverages Beck’s widespread presence, serving the high oleic (HO) industry and aligning seamlessly with SOYLEIC®’s mission to make HO genetics accessible to soybean farmers.

With a focus on evaluation, trials, and cultivating interest, Beck’s unique approach positions them as a key player in accelerating the adoption of SOYLEIC® soybeans. This collaboration is poised to unlock new market opportunities and expand the footprint of HO cultivation.

“This license with Beck’s represents a pivotal step in our journey to empower U.S. soybean farmers with the benefits of HO genetics from the SOYLEIC® soybean platform,” said Bryan Stobaugh, Missouri Soybeans director of licensing and commercialization. “Beck’s is the ideal partner to maximize the reach of our technology.”

The partnership aims to facilitate the widespread use of SOYLEIC® soybeans, enabling farmers to leverage checkoff-funded research directly in their fields. The collaboration holds the potential to provide farmers with premiums for the harvested grain, creating a lucrative avenue for those embracing this cutting-edge technology.

“We’re excited to offer the most diverse soybean product lineup in the industry, and with the adoption of SOYLEIC® soybeans, farmers can take advantage of premium opportunities and meet growing demands in the marketplace,” said Scott Beck, president of Beck’s.

This strategic partnership signifies a joint commitment to advancing agricultural practices, fostering growth, and ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for soybean farmers.

Beck’s will add to Missouri Soybeans already 20 states with SOYLEIC® soybean varieties being commercially produced. The SOYLEIC® trait is available to license from the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council. Find out more at

Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council

The Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council is a statewide, farmer-led organization working to improve opportunities for Missouri soybean farmers through a combination of research, outreach, education and market development efforts supported by the soy checkoff. Learn more online by exploring

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