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Missouri Soybeans Showcases Supporters

The Missouri Soybean Association recognized seven individuals during their annual meeting

This week, the Missouri Soybean Association (MSA) showcased seven legislators and advocates for their steadfast leadership to the soybean industry during its annual meeting in Jefferson City. Each of these individuals serve as a voice for the farmers MSA strives to protect.

“Missouri Soybeans takes great pride in those we extend awards and recognition to as soybean service-leaders,” said Casey Wasser, senior director of policy and COO. “We were overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from our legislative leaders last session. With direction from our MSA board, our farmer-leaders elected to showcase these service-minded public servants.”

MSA presented the Legislator of the Year, Soy Supporter and first-ever Lifetime Achievement awards.

Neal Bredehoeft – Lifetime Achievement Award

Farmer-leader, Neal Bredehoeft, was the inaugural recipient of Missouri Soybeans’ Lifetime Achievement Award. Selected by a slate of Missouri Soybeans’ board members, it was with a wave of respect and unanimous support that this award went to a highly deserving lifelong soybean grower and supporter.

Bredehoeft resides on his century farm where he grows corn and soybeans in Lafayette and Saline counties. Bredehoeft has made contributions and devoted numerous hours of service to the United Soybean Board (USB), Clean Fuels Alliance America, Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council (MSMC), Missouri Soybean Association and the American Soybean Association (ASA).

In 2004 to 2005, he served as ASA President and received the ASA “Outstanding State Volunteer Award.” He also pioneered many legislative efforts and has supported many state officials through contributions and volunteer work to date. Perhaps, most importantly, he served with unwavering leadership as Missouri Soybeans’ interim executive director in 2014.

Representative Mike Haffner – Legislator of the Year

Rep. Haffner (R) represents Cass County (District 55). Rep. Haffner was the sponsor of the biodiesel tax credit legislation and was instrumental in passing the omnibus agriculture bill during regular and special sessions. He also led the fight on eminent domain reform last session. His dedication to the agriculture community remains strong in his new role as the Chairman of the House Agriculture Policy Committee.

Senator Tracy McCreery – Soy Supporter

Sen. Tracy McCreery (D) represents the 24th Senatorial District in St. Louis County. Sen. McCreery previously served as the ranking minority member for the House Agriculture Policy Committee. She now sits on the Senate Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources Committee. Sen. McCreery was helpful is passing the omnibus agriculture bill and informing her caucus collogues on the important issues contained in the bill.

Senator Caleb Rowden – Soy Supporter

Sen. Caleb Rowden (R) was elected to the Missouri Senate in 2016, representing Boone and Cooper Counties. Sen. Rowden resides as the President Pro-Tem of the Senate, the highest-ranking leadership position in the chamber. Prior to this role, he was Majority Floor Leader, where he worked tirelessly to ensure the agriculture priorities contained in the omnibus bill made it across the finish line.

Representative Dean Plocher – Soy Supporter

Rep. Dean Plocher (R) represents part of St. Louis County (District 89). Rep. Plocher was dedicated to get his caucus members’ support on the omnibus agriculture bill last session. As former Majority Floor Leader, he ensured the bill had adequate time on the floor and took the necessary amendments to give it the best chance at passage.

Senator Jason Bean – Soy Supporter

Sen. Jason Bean (R) was elected to the Missouri Senate in 2020 and represents eight counties in the bootheel of Missouri. In addition to his legislative duties, Sen. Bean is a fifth-generation farmer growing soybeans, rice, cotton and corn. Sen. Bean was the handler of the omnibus agriculture bill and was instrumental in negotiations on the bill. He is now the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources.

Senator Denny Hoskins – Soy Supporter

Sen. Denny Hoskins (R) represents District 21 in the Missouri Senate. Sen. Hoskins was the sponsor of the biodiesel tax credit program and has worked tirelessly over the years to negotiate the bill to a place that ensured passage and bipartisan support.

Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Neal Bredehoeft, presents Rep. Mike Haffner with the Legislator of the Year Award.

Missouri Soybean Association

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