Soy-based Roof Restoration Product Applied at A.L. Gustin Golf Course

The University of Missouri-Columbia received a fresh addition of soy fused technology to restore course roofs

In a collaborative partnership, Missouri Soybean and Roof Maxx worked with the University of Missouri-Columbia A.L. Gustin Golf Course to apply soy-based oil to the course’s roof.

“As a roof ages, asphalt shingles can become brittle and slowly break apart – insert our soybeans,” says Matt Amick, Missouri Soybean director of biofuels and new uses. “Roof Maxx is a spray-on treatment that uses soybean oil to quickly penetrate brittle asphalt shingles, providing benefits to both home and business owners, as well as Missouri’s soybean growers.”

As part of a soy fusion technology, Roof Maxx soaks existing roof shingles in all-natural bio-oil to help restore the durability of roofs. Due to the soy oil, the life of the roof can be extended up to 15 years. As a soy-based product, Roof Maxx saves 3.8 tons of waste from landfills, 80kg of carbon dioxide emissions and 1,420 kg of carbon dioxide emissions from shingle manufacturing alone.

“Soy-based products are providing solutions to long unanswered problems today,” said Gary Wheeler, Missouri Soybean CEO. “Missouri Soybean intends to have more collaborative partnerships with the University of Missouri and other key stakeholders looking to support farmers and provide more sustainable solutions to consumers.”

The golf course has been widely recognized for its excellence in wildlife habitat management, water conservation and environmentally friendly turf management practices, making this partnership a clear choice.

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