Soybeans at Work with Soy Sealant Application

Soy-base asphalt sealant, RePlay, applied at the new Center for Soy Innovation

Missouri Soybean is putting soybeans to work with a fresh application of RePlay, a soy-based asphalt sealant, at the Center for Soy Innovation. These innovative soy-based products provide value to the Missouri soybean farmer and a multitude of benefits for the end user.

RePlay, produced by BioSpan Technologies, makes asphalt last longer with a single application every five years. This product, with the help of soybeans, reverses the process of oxidation and adds years to roads, parking lots and more.

“We are continuing to grow the market for soybeans through new uses like RePlay,” said Matt Amick, Missouri Soybean director of biofuels and new uses. “Through research and promotion, we are discovering new applications for soy every day.”

RePlay is 88% biobased, providing yet another key talking point for the educational Center for Soy Innovation.

“Our goal is to make as many pieces as possible within the Center for Soy Innovation a touchpoint about agriculture, connecting visitors back to our farmers,” said Gary Wheeler, Missouri Soybean CEO. “This product not only provides a value to us at the office, but to our farmers and consumers as a sustainable, soy-based option. This sealant is just another example of the innovation we are seeing in soy and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

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