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Not Just a Membership

Female farmer with son
By Madelyn Warren

A membership with the Missouri Soybean Association isn’t just a membership— it’s a gateway to a vibrant community, a platform for grassroots advocacy and a source of value-added benefits that enhance farms across the state.

For more than 50 years, the Missouri Soybean Association (MSA) has served as a voice for soybean farmers and all who are part of the soybean value chain. Yet, without the dedication and support of its members, the farmer-centric organization would lack the effectiveness and impact needed to drive meaningful change in the soybean industry.

For farms nestled in the rolling hills of the northwest corner to those dotting the sun-kissed landscapes bordering Arkansas in the southeast, joining MSA is more than just a transaction — it’s an investment in the future of those farms. It’s not just a membership; it’s a gateway to a vibrant community of connection, a platform for grassroots advocacy and a source of value-added benefits that enhance operations across the state.

Cultivating Community

Missouri Soybeans offers farmers ample opportunities to connect with their peers and expand their networks through district meetings held at various times throughout the year, such as the Winter Meetings, Soy Socials and Harvest Luncheons. These gatherings not only provide a platform for vital conversations, issue insights and friendly farmer fellowship but also serve as invaluable forums for sharing critical perspectives and experiences. MSA utilizes the insights garnered from these meetings to inform and focus the association’s work for the future. Characterized by resilience and a collaborative spirit, the district-level meetings of the Missouri Soybean Association embody the power of collective action and shared purpose.

Clarissa Cauthorn, MSA farmer-member from Audrain County in District 3, emphasizes the transformative impact of membership and active engagement within grassroots organizations.

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Membership is momentum. It’s about actively engaging, forging connections and contributing meaningfully to build a collective voice for our industry. It’s about shaping the discourse, driving progress and championing innovation.
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Clarissa Cauthorn
Farmer from Audrain County
Grounded in Grassroots Advocacy

This sense of connection extends beyond the personal relationships formed within the association. It also encompasses the collective voice that MSA provides for its members. As a grassroots organization, MSA empowers farmers, giving them the power to shape policy decisions that directly affect their livelihoods.

Checkoff dollars cannot be used for lobbying, so membership is needed to make a difference in the halls of the Capitol.

Through lobbying efforts, educational campaigns and advocacy initiatives, MSA ensures that the voices of soybean farmers are heard loud and clear in the corridors of power. Whether it’s advocating for fair trade policies, promoting sustainable farming practices or fighting against regulatory burdens, MSA stands as a powerful advocate for its members.

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Our strength lies in our collective voice. Individually, our voices may be small, but together, we have the power to enact real change and shape the future of our industry. Advocacy in numbers helps make that a success.
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Laura Collins
Farmer from Stoddard County

A farmer from Nodaway County in District 1 echoed the sentiment.

“We support [MSA] because they support us,” said Bill Slaughter. “I can’t afford to have a lobbyist in Washington, but we need champions in the Capitol fighting for our way of life. By joining our voices together, I believe we are more powerful.”

Better with Benefits

Membership with MSA also offers exclusive discounts and communications efforts to add value to the farm. Retailers such as Cabela’s and vehicle manufacturers such as Ford and Chrysler offer significant price cuts for American Soybean Association (ASA) paid members.

However, all free and paid members receive access to MSA’s state-of-the-art research facility, where innovative technologies and cutting-edge studies converge to drive the industry forward. From exploring novel cultivation techniques to experimenting with groundbreaking equipment, the research farm serves as a hub of innovation.

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MSA’s research facility provides farmers with the freedom to assess various practices and technologies tailored to a farm’s needs, all without the upfront financial burden of significant investments. As input costs continue to rise, relying solely on 40-bushel beans simply won’t suffice anymore. It’s imperative that we utilize research like the studies that are conducted at MSA’s research farm to bolster our yields and ensure sustainability and profitability for generations to come.
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Bill Slaughter
Farmer from Nodaway County

The insights gained from these experiments are not confined to the laboratory but are shared with farmers across the state. Each year during field days, farmers gain exclusive access to these research findings, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to enhance their own operations.

The Missouri Soybean Association is more than just a membership — it’s a lifeline for soybean farmers across the state. Through connection, grassroots advocacy and value-added benefits, MSA provides its members with the tools, support and resources they need to succeed in today’s competitive farming environment.

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