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By Samantha Turner

Discover Renee Fordyce’s strategic vision for Missouri’s soybean sector, focused on transparency, integrity and grassroots engagement, ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future.

In her journey from city life to farm leadership, Renee Fordyce embodies the spirit of service and an unwavering dedication to Missouri’s agricultural community. With a background as a self-proclaimed city girl turned seasoned farmhand, Renee’s transition into the heart of Missouri’s agricultural landscape has been characterized by a steadfast commitment to learning, advocating and ultimately, leading.

Recently elected as the president of the Missouri Soybean Association (MSA), Renee brings a wealth of experience and a passion for farmer
advocacy to her new role. Having served on the MSA board for more than a decade, including her most recent role as vice president, Renee’s unanimous election as president underscores her peers’ trust and confidence in her ability to lead.

“Thank you to my fellow farmer-leaders for entrusting me with this significant responsibility,” expressed Fordyce. “MSA has made remarkable strides in engaging growers, and I am dedicated to building upon this progress. Our association’s success hinges upon the support and active involvement of our members, and I encourage everyone to reach out with their concerns or ideas for shaping the future.”

Since its establishment in 1966, MSA has been an active voice for the state’s soybean farmers, tirelessly championing their interests at the state and national levels. From closely monitoring regulations impacting agriculture to advocating for homegrown fuels and vital transportation projects, MSA plays an indispensable role in safeguarding farmers’ rights and enhancing their economic prosperity.

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MSA is about protecting your right to farm, keeping an eye on issues that you don’t have the time or capacity to fight on your own. We worry about what’s coming down the pipeline regarding regulations so that you can continue to do what you love.
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Renee Fordyce
MSA President

Fordyce believes some of the biggest policy victories include our recent beginning farmer legislation and the increase in accessibility to biodiesel. She stands firm that we have accomplished so much in Jefferson City and Washington, D.C., due to the transparency and integrity built into the association’s mission, bolstering a reputation as a trustworthy resource for Missouri soybean farmers. However, as MSA president, she understands the board and staff can’t do it alone.

“Our organization’s strength lies in grassroots involvement. Regardless of membership level, active participation is crucial. It amplifies our impact and strengthens our connections, both within the farming community and with policymakers,” said Fordyce.

Fordyce stresses that farmers should get involved at any level. Members of MSA receive effective communications through various channels such as email and text action alerts. Members also receive real-time information on cutting-edge and critical agricultural topics to keep them informed and engaged.

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The true power of MSA lies in active involvement. Whether it’s advocating at the state level or providing a lifeline to the Capitol during times of need, MSA serves as a trusted ally for Missouri soybean farmers. Having a familiar face in the Capitol, armed with knowledge, solutions and strong relationships, ensures that our concerns are heard and addressed.
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Renee Fordyce
MSA President

Beyond her leadership with MSA, Renee remains involved in her local community, serving on the boards of the Harrison County Community Hospital District, Harrison County Community Hospital Auxiliary, United Methodist Church Pastor/Parrish Committee and the Harrison County Cattlemen’s Association. As a dedicated nurse and mother of two, she brings a comprehensive perspective to her advocacy work, emphasizing the importance of rural healthcare and the myriad benefits of soy in promoting overall wellness.

Renee also serves on the American Soybean Association (ASA),where she sits on the Conservation and Precision Agriculture advocacy team.

“Joining the ASA advocacy teams, particularly in conservation and precision agriculture, has been enlightening,” said Fordyce. “We can’t navigate regulatory changes alone. By amplifying our voices, we ensure our concerns are heard, benefiting not just our organization but the agricultural industry.”

Looking ahead, Renee remains confident in her commitment to effective communication, strategic planning and continued service to Missouri’s soybean sector. With a focus on transparency, integrity and grassroots engagement, she and her fellow farmer-leaders are poised to spearhead positive change and cultivate a future of prosperity and sustainability for Missouri’s farming landscape.

As she continues to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, Renee remains guided by her faith and passion for serving her fellow farmers and advocating for their interests. With her leadership at the helm, the Missouri Soybean Association is poised to chart a course toward a future of success.

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