Missouri Soybean Programs Encourages Members, Soybean Growers to Share Feedback on DNR’s Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy

Working on behalf of soybean growers statewide, the Missouri Soybean Association is reviewing and preparing comments on the State’s Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy and urges all members and soybean farmers to take part. Missouri Soybeans has been engaged with the committee tasked with developing the plan, and is encouraged by the efforts made thus far to reduce nutrient loading and improve water quality through actions and practices that are both proven effective and producer-driven.

“The draft of Missouri’s Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy emphasizes on-farm practices that have been widely reviewed and are, in many cases, already being implemented by producers across the state, said Dan Engemann, Missouri Soybeans’ Director of Industry and Producer Relations. “The draft plan calls for the expanded awareness and increased use of practices that reduce erosion, improve fertilizer management and efficiency, as well as other options like the use of cover crops. The draft plan gives producers practical options to consider for their farms now and for generations to come.”

In September, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources published a draft of the State’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy for public review and comments. That comment period extends through October 31, 2014 and the Missouri Soybean Association is currently compiling feedback on the 200-plus page document.

All Missouri soybean farmers are encouraged to participate in the Association’s efforts; producers need not be members to share their comments. Comments should be submitted to Missouri Soybeans’ Director of Industry and Producer Relations, Dan Engemann by mail at 3337 Emerald, Jefferson City, MO 65109 or by email at dengemann@mosoy.org.

A link to the draft plan is available on the Missouri Soybeans website, mosoy.org. Missourians may also review the Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy online via the Missouri Department of Natural Resources website, where it is available both as PDF and Microsoft Word files at http://www.dnr.mo.gov/env/wpp/mnrsc/index.htm.

The Missouri Soybean Association is the statewide membership organization representing interests specific to the Missouri soybean producer through outreach, advocacy and policy. To learn more, visit the Missouri Soybean Association online at mosoy.org.