MSA Policy Update – Congressional Push on Chinese Tariff Proposals

On Wednesday, April 25, the Missouri Soybean Association and American Soybean Association are working together to remind Congress the importance of the U.S. staying competitive in the global marketplace. ASA is hosting a fly in to bring farmer leaders and lawmakers together around the potential impacts of the Chinese Commerce Department’s announcement to impose new tariffs on 106 U.S. goods, including an additional 25 percent tariff on U.S. soybeans.

We are asking you to take action, Wednesday, April 25, by contacting your congressional representatives to really drive this point home. The Soy Action Center connects you directly to their offices:

Contact Your Congressional Representatives –

Want to do more? Join us in using the hashtag #RethinkTheTariffs as you post to social media today.

Social Media Post ideas:
Soybean is Missouri’s number one cash crop, contributing $7.7 billion in total output, $3.2 billion in added value, $1.4 billion in labor income to the state’s economy, and supporting more than 20,700 jobs. #RethinkTheTariffs

China is the destination for nearly one out of every three rows of annual soy production, and 60 percent of total U.S. exports. In 2017, China imported $13.9 billion of U.S. soybean. #RethinkTheTariffs

Farm income is down 50 percent compared to 2013 and crop prices are down 40 percent in just the last five years. #RethinkTheTariffs

The U.S. government and farmers have been working with international partners for decades to establish and grow markets for U.S. soybeans. These tariffs put that work, as well as our farmers’ livelihoods and the economic engine agriculture is for Missouri, in jeopardy. #RethinkTheTariffs

We should be seeking additional trade opportunities to support rural America and the rural economy, not jeopardizing agriculture’s export markets. #RethinkTheTariffs