On Dicamba, Stewardship and Partnership are Key, says MSA President

The following statement comes from farmer and Missouri Soybean Association President, Matt McCrate of Cape Girardeau. This follows the announcement today, July 7, 2017, from the Missouri Department of Agriculture available online at agriculture.mo.gov/news

Matt McCrate

We, at your Missouri Soybean Association, have heard a steady stream of growers’ frustrations in recent weeks around Dicamba – specifically, inversions, suspected off-label use and drift, as well as feeling the need to invest in technology you might not otherwise choose as a type of insurance policy against damage.

With upwards of 200,000 soybean acres suspected damaged by Dicamba products already during the 2017 growing season, it’s clear that action is needed. The impact already seen across Missouri demands that all involved take steps to prevent additional damage and develop management solutions for this year and the years ahead.

We respect the regulatory process and stand alongside Missouri’s soybean farmers, industry and regulatory partners working to sustain and improve the available tools and technologies, as well as the resources and protections in place for all involved. Stewardship is a shared responsibility.

Missouri soybean farmers have long been strong proponents of technology in agriculture, including in the fight against herbicide resistant weeds. We, the farmers leading your Missouri Soybean Association, have advocated for timely EPA approvals of new technology and for close attention to label and application information. We support the regulatory process and have advocated for tougher penalties for individuals who violate label instructions, especially repeat offenders.

We take our role as the voice for Missouri soybean farmers on regulatory and policy issues very seriously, including in the area of new technology. MSA supports providing available tools and technologies to assist our growers in sustainable soybean production and in ensuring their freedom to operate their businesses as they so choose. We are working with industry and regulators to address issues and make improvements to keep vital tools, technologies and protections available, and we appreciate your support, as members of the Missouri Soybean Association, in those efforts.

The Missouri Soybean Association is a statewide membership organization designed to increase the profitability of Missouri soybean farmers through advocacy and education efforts across the state. To learn more about the Missouri Soybean Association, visit mosoy.org.